How Much is a 1919 Penny Value UK?

1919 Penny Value UK - Almost everyone has a collection of ancient coins at home. Many people deliberately keep it because they expect a high value from the coins collected.

One of the coins that may be in your home is the 1919 UK penny which now has a fairly high value. This 1919 penny value UK has a high value even though it is one of the types of coins in circulation.

For those of you who may have a few pieces of this 1919 penny, read this article to the end. Maybe you can get a higher price than you think.

1919 Penny Value UK

To determine the value of a coin, of course, several important factors must be considered. This factor can make you benefit from the coins you have.

1919 UK Penny Facts

Before we know the 1919 British penny value, it's good to know the history behind the creation of this coin. The 1919 penny is a bronze coin made by a private company in Birmingham.

Although previously almost all coins used in England were copper coins, due to the rising price of copper, many companies turned to using bronze.

Copper coins were only minted until 1860 and thereafter using bronze combined with other compositions that make these coins last so long today.

The face of the coin was designed by Bertram Mackennal and has the initials "B.M". The design shown is the head of King George V, which faces left and is not crowned.

The back of the coin, designed by Leonard Charles Wyon, shows a Britannia representing a British woman sitting facing the right.

1919 one penny georgivs value varies, depending on the variety owned. Because this 1919 penny has three varieties in circulation and not in circulation.

Most 1919 pennies did circulate and were used for transactions. However, some coins were also not circulated and became collectibles long ago. So this affects the 1919 penny value UK.

1919 british penny value

Here are the varieties owned by the 1919 penny UK:

• 1919 Penny Royal Mint

The first variety, the 1919 penny, was printed at the Royal Mint with a total of 113,761,090 pieces. With this very large amount, this coin became a commonly used change.

As for the scarcity of the 1919 penny, it is still fairly common and some people still keep it at home under different conditions.

Because it is a circulating coin, of course, this affects the value you will get. Collectors have the right to judge from several important factors that are of primary concern.

• 1919 Penny Heaton Mint

This variety is a 1919 British penny mint mark printed at the Heaton Mint. This coin has a mintmark "H" which indicates the place where the coin was minted.

For the exact number of how many coins were minted, it is not yet known. Because these coins are included in rare coins and are not circulated. 

If you have it now, chances are that the value you get will be high with certain factors.

• 1919 Penny King's Norton Metal Co

This variety is one of the rare 1919, as it is not known exactly how many coins were minted. This coin has the "KN" mintmark behind the date of manufacture.

This coin is considered rare because the amount is unknown and only a few people still have it. Of course, this 1919 georgivs penny value KN has a very high price because it is rare.

How Much is a 1919 Penny Value UK?

Just like the article, we discussed earlier 1912, 1916, 1917, 1918, and 1937 penny value UK, we know that historically this coin was minted on soft metal. This is what affects the condition of the coins that you may have at this time.

1919 british penny value

Of course, this is an important factor for collectors in determining its value. The following is the 1919 George v penny value that you can get in circulated and uncirculated conditions with the applicable value provisions:

• 1919 Penny Value Circulated

Circulated pennies of course have a lower value than uncirculated pennies. For 1919 the penny no mint mark is worth £1.20 in EF-40 condition, £7.20 in AU-50 condition, and the highest value you can get is £10.20 in AU-55 condition.

The 1919-H is valued at £0.08 in a VF-20 condition, £22.30 in an EF-40 condition, and a top price of £181 in an AI-55 condition. 

The rare 1919-KN is priced at £8.0 in VF-20 condition and a top price of £551 in AU-55 condition.

• 1919 Penny Value Uncirculated

1919 penny value UK uncirculated in no mintmark variety with the lowest price £14.80 in MS-60 condition and the highest price £191 in MS-65 condition.

The penny 1919-H is as low as £262 in the MS-60 condition and as high as £656 in the MS-64. The 1919-KN has a low of £708 in the MS-60 condition and a high of £1,670 in the MS-64 condition.

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