How Much is 1918 Penny Value UK and the Answer

1918 Penny Value UK - Many people still keep their 1918 penny at home. This bronze coin is a coin made by a private company in Birmingham that mints coins for transactions.

To determine the 1918 penny value UK several factors must be considered. Because this 1918 penny has three varieties that have different values.

If you are curious about the penny value UK that you might have, read this article to the end because we will provide the right guide to determine how much value you get.

Of course, some people expect great value from ancient coins. Especially coins that are over 100 years old. By being stored in good condition, you may be able to get the highest price that you could not have guessed before.

About 1918 One Penny Value UK

These bronze coins were made by a private company that previously made copper coins. Due to their increasing price, copper coins were only made until 1860.

After that, all coins circulating in England used bronze with other alloys that made it durable. This coin uses a bronze alloy and other compositions that make it last up to a hundred years.

1918 penny value uk

This penny UK 1918 front design by Bertram Mackennal shows a crownless portrait of King Georgia V facing left.

While the design of the back is a Britannia woman who sits facing the right and wears a Corinthian crested helmet. In addition, this British woman uses a flowing dress and holds a trident in her left hand.

In her right hand, the Britannia woman holds a shield bearing the image of a cross and the union of the Union Flag. This back design is commonly found on penny made by Leonard Charles Wyon.

For 1918 English penny value, of course, is influenced by the condition of the coins you have. Because this 1918 coin was minted in quite a large number and used by many people for transactions.

Just like the article, we discussed earlier in 1912, 1916, 1917, and 1937 penny value UK, this 1918 penny had three varieties printed in three different places. 

Here are some of the varieties that this 1918 coin has:

• 1918 Penny Royal Mint

This coin was minted in as many as 84,237,372 pieces and made this coin a commonly used change. These coins are minted without the mint mark and for the rarity that occurs, are still rare to find.

• 1918 Penny Heaton Mint

Coins minted in the Heaton Mint have the mintmark "H" behind the date of manufacture. As for the exact number of how many of these coins were made, it is still unknown.

• 1918 Penny King's Norton Metal Co

This coin is minted with the letter "KN" which indicates the place where the coin was minted. The exact number of these coins is still unknown.

How Much is a 1918 British Penny Worth?

To determine the 1918 penny value UK, of course, one must consider many things. Considering this coin is made of relatively soft metal and over time, there must have been a lot of changes to this coin.

Especially for parts of a design that are missing or the shine is gone. Because these coins are minted in quite a large number and make it a dime that is generally used for transactions.

Although many people choose to keep it, coin collectors also still consider the important points in providing a decent value. Moreover, coins that are circulating, must have many changes to their surface.

Many 1918 pennies were lost to time, damaged, scratched, soaked, buried, burned, and others. Of course, there is a category of valuation used in determining the price of this 1918 penny. This subjective assessment made many 1918 coins have different prices.

Some people deliberately keep it but don't take care of it so they can only get low scores. It is not uncommon for many collectors to take a lot of time to determine the value.

The following is a 1918 George v penny value that can be obtained in circulated and uncirculated conditions:

• 1918 Penny Value UK Circulated

The value you get from the 1918 penny no mintmark in the circulated condition is £1.60 in the EF-40 condition, £6.20 in the AU-50 condition, and £8.50 in the AU-55 condition.

The 1918-H Penny is valued at £1.20 in VF-20 condition, £23.70 in EF-40 condition, £114 in AU-50 condition, and £159 in AU-55 condition.

The 1918-KN costs £4.40 in VF-20 condition, £56.30 in EF-40 condition, £234 in AU-50 condition, and £323 in AU-55 condition.

• 1918 Penny UK Uncirculated

For 1918 penny value UK no mintmark is £13.20 in MS-60 condition and the top price is £76.90 in MS-64 condition. The 1918-H is priced at £204 in the MS-60 condition and tops out at £353 in the MS-63 condition.
The 1918-KN has a top price of £412 in the MS-60 condition and a top price of £1,270 in the MS-65 condition.

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