2 Good Penny Stocks to Buy Now and Anytime: Use 10 Tricks to determine

Let’s update good penny stocks to buy to save your business. Remember that this stock needs to get improvement (update) every time. It is because the stock has a high risk of a big loss in a short time.  Besides that, there are always new brokers that come with high potential to get the benefit.

Therefore, you do not allow only to rely on one company or broker. Who knows the good penny stocks to buy today, yesterday, and tomorrow has changed? Through this page, you must do big movements to always get the best broker to buy and trade.

2 Good Penny Stocks to Buy in 2021 for 3 Digits Profits

In this week, there are 2 good penny stocks to buy and bring 3 digit profits. Penny shares offer the potential to take small amounts of money in a few dollars per share. Then, multiply or multiply (or more) on a daily basis. Many investors want penny shares even though this only exists in the Pink Sheets or other small exchanges. Trade-in penny top stocks are actually on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. However, the value is less than $ 5 per share.

Searching for this stock on the main exchange helps you get rid of fraud and shell companies that don't meet the requirements. It is good and can help limit your risk but buy any stock on the main exchange.

good penny stocks to buy today

Here, you only want to buy stocks with runaway potential. Help yourself to find penny stocks with the potential to jump higher. Now, you have to remember that pennies can change and they are a class of risky assets. Preferably, never put your portfolio incents more than 2%. 

Okay, here are 2 good penny stocks to buy this week:

1. Ambev SA 

Ambev SA stays in Brazil (NYSE: ABEV) which becomes the first one-cent stock for you. This is the dominant beer company in South America and the third-largest brewer in the world. At present, ABEV operates in 14 countries with well-known brands including Bohemia, Stella Artois, and Skol. In addition, it also produces lines of soft drinks, juices, teas, and other carbonated drinks.

In the past five years, the company's stock has been shaken due to economic challenges in Brazil and Argentina. Sales volume fell from year to year, due to weakening economic growth and rising inflation. This happened in 2018, but for 2019, ABEV provides very conservative financial guidance.

But there is an increase in optimism about ABEV where the company sells its shares at a price of $ 4.36. The company has provided much higher dividends than most of its competitors with a current yield of 5.5%. This is great because such strong dividends are very rare for a penny.

Good Penny Stocks to Buy On Robinhood

On the other hand, Brazil's political landscape is changing where inflation has slowed in Argentina. These things can make ABEV shock the market.

And the most impressive part is that VQScore ABEV itself is 4.75 perfect, placing shares right in the "Buy Zone." Greater economic and political stability can result in higher profits and greater income. This good penny stock to buy can reach $ 6 per share, which is a 38% profit from the current level.

2. Denbury Resources Inc. (DNR)

Denbury Resources Inc. has a base in Texas (NYSE: DNR) and becomes a good penny to buy in 2021. The company explores and produces oil and gas in the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. The DNR also controls 260 million barrels of oil and natural gas reserves of which 97% is oil. That means the increase in oil prices is very influential on the higher shares of this company.

In its fourth-quarter report, the DNR has more than $ 80 million in free cash flow which has reduced net debt by $ 280 million. In addition, it also reduces general and administrative costs by 30% from year to year, amounting to $ 30 million. That is a very good sign that made this company success as a good penny stock to buy today. But crude oil prices may reach the highest for this year in the third quarter. Now there are no Venezuelan imports, Iranian sanctions, and US logistical challenges due to OPEC's large cuts.

If geopolitical problems arise, supply will be significantly disrupted. The existence of a US agreement on trade or economic health throughout the world has made oil prices rise more than expected. Thus, DNR-free cash flow can reach $ 200 million and the company will reduce debt dramatically.

 At present, DNR offers shares at a price of $ 2.44 per share. However, shares can rise to $ 5 by the end of 2021 if there is a significant increase in oil prices. In addition, stronger cash flow, and lower debt will be a gain of more than 101% of today's price.

10 Steps to Determine Good Penny Stocks to buy

Catch those companies and make it a good penny stock to buy. Although you have chosen one of them, you do not allow be overbearing. You need to right tips to get it because you not only meet those companies after this. There are numerous fake companies that are ready to drop you. Consequently, listen to 10 steps to get good penny stocks:

1. Research the company
You have got some description about the company such as above. However, you must keep looking for the next information. Do not believe only with one source. 

Good penny Stocks to Buy in India

2. Understand the volatility
Stock price volatility is one of the next big things you will look for when choosing a penny stock. Volatility is a good thing that can potentially get you WAY ahead.

3. Importance of Volume
The fact is, volatility is not the only factor but liquidity matters too. It implies do not trade if there is not much volume behind it. So, do not ignore if you want to get a good penny stock to buy.

4. Catalyst
Consider a catalyst to advance your choice of stocks. A catalyst is an event or release that is poised to raise the value of a stock.

5. Other people's opinions
It is good to listen to other people say about penny stocks. However, this does not mean you should always blindly follow them when it comes time to buy.

6. Get more knowledge especially about patterns
Use history to give many powerful clues about what may and may not work.

7. Time of day
The good penny stocks to buy depend on the time of day. See this great penny stock pattern where it usually prefers trading only in the morning.

8. Closed dept
Pay attention company from all angles, including the debt it is taken on to keep itself afloat. Remember, a company with a ton of debt is a red flag.

9. Get penny stocks with profitable liquidity ratios
Every company has assets and debts so you can use them to compare them. The liquidity ratios are the term of comparison.

10. Involve a Stock Screener
Use Stock Screeners to find good penny stocks to buy. It filters the stocks you see based the volume, volatility, market capitalization, and more.

Well, use 2 good penny stocks to buy above to get high profit quickly. However, do not forget to use the 10 tricks to get more companies to trade.
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