How Much is a 1985 Wide AM Penny Value?

1985 Wide AM Penny - Some Lincoln cents are very valuable and are worth thousands of dollars. Many people still hold the 1985 coins to this day and expect to get a high value from the coins they hold.

Do you want to know how much 1985 wide am penny value you will get? If you want to find the treasure of a bunch of loose change in your home, read this article to the end.

We'll give you some guidelines for determining how much you can get and which Lincoln cents are worth. Of course, before discussing how much value we can get, we need to know how the history behind this money printing.

The History

The Lincoln cent is one of the historic mint coins because of its very long use. This coin dates back to 1909 and is used as a transaction tool. Until 1952 there was an update on the composition to the design of the coin.

How Much is a 1985 Wide AM Penny Value

This new coin was designed by Frank Gasparro who put his initials on the design of this coin. This coin is made with a portrait of Lincoln's face and the year it was made.

On the reverse side of this coin, you will find the Lincoln Memorial, United States of America, and the coin nominal is 1 CENT. The coin, minted in 1985, was made using an inner layer of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper for the outer layer.

So to determine how much 1985 wide am value you can get, you have to adjust the condition of the coin. This coin is a coin that is generally used for transactions, so it is not a rare coin.

But here you will find out why 1985 wide am is so valuable and now people are looking for it. Even so many people still keep it and do not know that it has treasures.

1985 Wide Am Penny Value

If we want to determine how much value can be obtained, of course, several considerations must be made. Moreover, determining 1985 wide am penny value is also seen from the variety of coins you have.

This 1985 Lincoln cent was printed in three different places with different amounts. This affects the value of the penny that you will get at this time.

• 1985 P (No Mintmark)
This Lincoln coin was minted in Philadelphia and remains a mintmark-free coin. This coin was minted in very large numbers, namely 5,648,489,887 pieces. Due to a large number of these coins, these coins are generally used for transactions.

• 1985-D
The next variety is the 1985 D or coin minted in the Denver Mint. This coin has a D mark to indicate that it was minted in the Denver Mint. The number is also very large, namely 5,287,339,926.

• 1985 S Proof
The last variety is a coin made especially for collectors. This coin is only minted in a very limited number of 3,362,821 pieces which makes this coin very difficult to find.

This is where you can determine 1985 wide am penny value with the condition of the coin being uncirculated. These coins are mostly uncirculated, so their value is still high and rare.

1985 Penny Value, Errors, and Varieties

Just like the Lincoln penny in general, this 1985 penny also has a mint error that makes it a great value. Of course, you have to know what fault this coin has so you can get 1985 wide am penny worth at the highest price.

1985 Wide AM Penny Value

Here is a list of faults that the 1985 penny has:

• Peeled Copper Coating
One of the faults with this coin is that the copper layer is peeling off and causing tiny bubbles. This indicates that there is an error in the copper printing process on the zinc layer.

• Wide AM
This 1985 d wide am penny value was one of the errors the 1985 Lincoln penny had. This error made the value high. You can see this error in the AM letters which have spacing.

Because lincoln 1985 should be printed using close am. This is what makes this penny so rare and valuable.

• Doubled Dies
Some letters indicate double die or double printed. Sometimes these errors can be seen clearly and some require a magnifying glass to see them.

Coins with this error can still be found today. This error is also a consideration in determining 1985 wide am penny value.

Some of the errors above are errors that generally occur in Lincoln cents. However, some errors made the 1985 wide am penny value increase drastically, especially when many people were looking for it.

How Much is 1985 Wide AM Penny Worth Today?

This 1985 coin in circulation is more than 10 billion and it is very difficult to find the error that occurred. Maybe you can easily find coins without errors, but hard to find errors.

1985 wide am penny value can be high if any error is highlighted, one of which is wide am. In addition, you also need to consider the condition of the coin to get the highest value.

For example, a significant coin chipping error makes this coin worth $10. While 1985 wide am penny is worth the error indicating the bubble could cost as low as $2 or more.

When determining the value of the penny, of course, many considerations must be made. These coins are circulated in large numbers, so you may find coins in circulation or showing signs of wear and tear.

Coins with wear marks are more undervalued, even if you fault with the coin. But if you have uncirculated coins with errors, then you can get high scores.

Coin appraisal can be done by professionals by considering many things such as the condition of the coin, the surface of the coin, writing, images, and errors on the coin. The better and rarer the coins, the more you can get the highest price.

1985 wide am penny value record was over $100 on a wide am error. This coin is also in MS-64 or uncirculated condition and still has the mint shimmer.

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