1961 Silver Penny Value: Error List and No Mint Mark

1961 Silver Penny Value - If you have an interest in rare coins, you might sometimes hear about the 1961 Silver penny that was minted around 1960 to 1970 and has been quite a common find. The Lincoln Silver 1961 penny isn’t the rarest find, and it is quite a common coin to find. 

Most of the coins aren’t that much valuable, however, the premium and some uncirculated conditions of the 1961 penny price can have hefty sums to it.

If you want to get your hand on some rare 1961 Lincoln pennies and want to know more info about them, regarding the price, value, the grading of each coin, the circulated condition, and mint mark silver penny. 

How much it will cost? Keep reading this article to learn more about this one penny. Even though it is pretty common, some can net quite a good amount of money. 

1961 Silver Penny Specifications:

• 1961 Lincoln penny:
• Type: Lincoln Penny coins
• Year minted: 1961
• Face Initial Value: 0.01 Dollar
• Composition: Silver Coins, Tin, and Zinc
• Total Weight of each coin: 3.11 g

1961 silver penny value

1961 silver penny was minted in 1961. US Government minted this coin has no mint mark, and also minted with another version of the 1961 D penny. 

The mint mark of each coin is located on the observed side; below the date of each coin. There are marked and no mark coins, however.    

1961 silver penny value can be different in its value. For example, the 1961 penny has a slightly lower value than the 1961 D penny. 

1961 silver penny was initially minted in Philadelphia, with the total quantity of minted coins at 754,345,000 amount. 

While the 1961 D penny value was minted in Denver, with a total quantity of 1,753,266,700, making the D penny much easier to find, and having a lower value.

There is also the 1961 Proof penny, which was minted as limited edition pennies, that were minted specially for coin collectors. This proof penny has a limited number of mints and is sometimes worth very good value. 

It is called a proof penny because it was struck, and then polished blanks, specially prepared dyes, and has a smooth mirror-like surface.

Proof 1961 pennies were minted in Philadelphia, and appeared in 1961 pennies proof sets, specially minted for many coin collectors. The total of proof coins minted was 3,028,244 proof cents, struck in 1961. 

Although the proof cents weren’t distributed and didn’t go into circulation, We can buy proof pennies in many antique coin dealers today, with around 3 Millions specimens that have been struck.

The 1961 proof of Lincoln memorial cents are pretty much common cents, and most of them are cheap, and not very expensive. The typical value of proof 1961 cent is around 1 to 2 dollars. 

However, the most valuable and highest grade of the proof penny was graded as PR69DCAM, which has been graded, and worth around 4.000 dollars. It has been sold for whopping 4.320 dollars in the auction house in 2018.

The 1961 Penny Value

Old coins are antiques ( valuable foreign coins ) that always have huge collectors and communities growing around them. 

Most of all the old coins that have their worth are always worth more than their initial face value, including the 1961 Silver penny, how is this possible? Why did the once one penny that was only worth around 0.01 dollars as its initial value could have an inflated value and worth today?

The reason is pretty simple, the antiquities value that many collectors sought after, the rare and scarcity of each collection (especially the coins that have limited mintage), and of course the initial value of its composition. 

For example, the Lincoln 1960 cents are made of bronze, with a composition of 95% copper. The face value of copper nowadays has spiked, and its intrinsic value has a surpassing worth of a penny.

The 1961 Silver penny is of course worth more than a copper penny. Silver is one of the rarest components, and the 1961 Lincoln silver penny has been one of the rare, and most valuable types of Lincoln pennies that net value quite a lot. 

Sometimes there were also 1961 penny errors that could net around more profits. These minted errors are sometimes quite rare, and based on the errors may or may not improve the price. 

Since there are two 1961 Penny minted in the United States, both of them have different specifications, as well as the quantity they are minted, so naturally, both of them have different values. 

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Even though they have the same initial face value of 0.01 dollars, right now they have different values and are worth differently in coin grading. 

1961 d penny value

1961 d penny worth around 0.15 dollars when it is an uncirculated condition, with around MS-64RB grade, to know more about coin grades, you can go to your local coin grading to see how it is graded, and what makes them have a different value for each grade. 

The value will increase in each grade, the 1961 D coins that have MS-65RD will net around 0.30 dollars.

1961 penny worth was minted in Philadelphia with less minted quantity, making them much rarer to find. The 1961 coin with MS-63RB grade will net around 0.50 dollars. 

The price may change due to the conditions, clipping, the weight of the coins, as well as the mark, or no mark coin. 

Proof coins for 1961 penny that has no mint mark are ready and available. Most of them are valued at around 1.5 dollars, with a good stable PR-65RD condition. The proof coin has around 3,028,244 coins minted in existence. 

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding About 1961 Silver Penny

If you are researching the 1961 penny, and want to collect or try to hunt for the Lincoln silver penny or a bronze penny? Then you might need to have researched more. 

To get to know more about the value of each Lincoln penny, from the 1961 Penny minted in Philadelphia, or the D penny, or even the proof penny, here are a few FAQs that might help you to get by.

How Much is a 1961 Penny Worth – First that depends on the category for each 1961 Lincoln penny. There are at least three official 1961 pennies, the 1961 Lincoln Penny, 1961 D Lincoln Penny, and 1961 proof penny. Each of them has a different value and price. What is a 1961 penny worth for the current market?

Lincoln penny is worth around 0.3 dollars to 0.5 dollars, depending on each grade, and conditions, how much is a 1961 D penny worth? 1961 D Lincoln Penny might be worth the same, around 0.26 to 0.50 dollars. 

Proof Lincoln penny is one of the most common ones, ranging from around 0.05 dollars to 0.1 dollars.

Of course, some very rare and incredibly valuable specimens could be worth around $1.000 to $2.000. The most expensive specimens of the 1961 Lincoln penny were sold for $4.320 at an auction house in 2018.

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How to Know The Value and Grading of Each 1961 D Lincoln Penny Value – First, you need to go to the nearest coin-grading service. This service will help you to know the worth of your coins by grading them to official grades in the United States. There are many grades for each coin, and the grade is mostly based on the compositions, conditions, the rarity of coins, and clipping of the coin.

How To Sell My 1961 Lincoln Penny? – First, you need to take your coin into coin-grading. There your coin will be examined and graded based on its grading, conditions, chipping rarity, and many more. 

This grading will determine how much your 1961 penny is worth, and how it will sell well. If you have finished grading, you can sell it to many collectors, and find your buyers.

However, the choice of selling it or keeping it is ultimately in your hand. You can of course keep it in your collection, to sell it later, when necessary or when getting more trusted and profitable buyers.

To find trusted buyers, you have to reach out to antique hunting, and the old coin community that wants to get their hand on your type of coin. 

Some of the 1961 penny is quite rare, especially the D, and S Lincoln coins, that only minted in quite a limited number. This will net quite high value for many collectors. 

Are 1961 Error Pennies worth it? – While most of the 1961 Lincoln pennies are common, and rather dull ordinary pennies, some of the 1961 Pennies contain certain errors and varieties. 

These errors and oddities are sometimes alterations, a form of damage, from an outside source other than mintage, however, there are also some other legitimate mistakes from mintage that can be found in 1961 pennies.

Some of these errors are very rare and can give better worth compared with a dull ordinary 1961 penny. Some errors that are worth for you to keep, or looking out for are Double Die penny, Penny with pre-punched mintmarks, and off-center pennies. 

Now, that’s all of compiled 1961 Silver penny information, from the value of this penny, how it is valued and graded, how to find correct buyers for this penny, and how it is worth in the current today market.

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