1994 Wide AM Penny Value

The 1994 wide AM penny value was also commonly known as the 1994 Lincoln Memorial Penny Wide AM. Why was it called wide AM? Because there was space between the letter A and M on the word AMERICA. 

History Of Lincoln Penny

From 1700 until 1908, the penny was worth one cent and was well-known as the Indian Head Penny by an American citizen. However, the first United States original penny was minted in 1787 and officially inaugurated by the government, it is also referred to as one cent. 

Then, in 1909, the production of those pennies was stopped and replaced with the wheat penny. The wheat penny was the coin that has President Abraham Lincoln’s plaque on it. 

He is the 16th President of the United States of America. He was born on February 12th, 1809, and died in 1865. 

President Abraham Lincoln led the country through American Civil War. He succeeded to preserve the country from slavery, strengthen the federal government and modernize the nation’s economy. 

Therefore, he was given a very special honor because of his 100th anniversary of birth and for what he had given to the nation which was precious for the nation’s growth. Therefore, the government considered it the best way to honor him for his leadership. 

Wide AM And Close AM Lincoln Series

The term Wide and Close AM is only referring to the space between the letters “A” and “M” in the word “AMERICA” on the reverse of the penny especially, on the Lincoln Memorial Cent. 

These terms refer to the penny produced in 1992, 1998, 1999, and 2000. From its first mintage in 1959 until 1992, all Lincoln Memory pennies were made to have Wide AM. However, from 1993 until 2008, the production changed to the Close AM. 

The simplest way to find the differences between Wide AM (1959 - 1991) and Close AM (1993 - 1997; 2001 - 2008) is by using a magnifying glass. 

The close AM made letters A and M touch each other. The wide AM will look separated between A and M. 

The other way to differentiate is by looking at the initial “FG” on the base part. It was the initial of the designer name Frank Gasparro. 

The close AM characterized with wide space on the initials, while the wide AM characterized with close initials. 

What Does The 1994 Wide AM Penny Look Like? 

The compositions were 97.5% Zinc and 2.5%, Copper. It had a diameter of 19 mm while the weight was 2.5 grams. 

The total mintage of the 1994 Wide AM Penny was 7,131,765.000. The production of the penny was in Denver and Philadelphia.

1994 Wide Am Penny Value

On the reverse side the 1994 coin cent was written UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the very top, then beneath that is the logo E PLURIBUS UNUM, then the plaque of the WHITE HOUSE, the lowest was written ONE CENT. 

Designer Of Penny

The designer of the 1994 Wide AM penny was Frank Gasparro. He was a well-known American sculptor. He was born in Philadelphia, on 26th August 1909 and died in Havertown, on 29th September 2001. 

He studied at the Pennsylvania Academia of the Fine Arts. 

In December 1942, he was hired by the United States Mint under Chief Engraver John R. Sinnock. His first successful masterwork is the design for Lincoln Cent as the part of 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. 

The 1994 Wide AM Penny Value

You need to know how much is 1994 pennies worth money. The 1994 Wide AM Penny is worth 10 - 3 cents. There is one rare 1994 Wide AM penny sold for almost $ 2000. 

Keep in mind that the price of pennies also depends on the condition, if the pennies are perfect, means there is no error, no damage and still very new and un-circulated, of course, it will value more money up to $ 1000+. You can get the price information also from the marketplace. 

How Many Close AM Pennies Are There?

Currently, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) has only certified twenty-two 1992 Close AM Pennies out of 4.6 billion pennies from the Philadelphia mint. 

And only certified five pennies out of almost 4.5 billion 1992-D Lincoln pennies from the Denver mint. 

PCGS is an American third-party especially, for coin grading, attribution, and authentication which was established in 1985 in California, United States. The founder was David Hall. Recently, it had some divisions in Europe and Asia. 

Variety Of 1994 Wide AM Penny 

There are three types of penny 1994 Wide AM penny based on the mint mark. Those are the 1994 Wide AM penny (without mint mark), the 1994D Wide AM penny, and the 1994S Wide AM penny. All Lincoln Pennies were minted in the United States Mint. 

 1994 Wide AM Penny (without Mint Mark). 

It meant the penny production was in Philadelphia. How much is the total production? It was 6.500.850.000. 

 1994D Wide AM Penny 

The penny was minted in Denver. Most of the 1994D penny was worth around $0.30 in uncirculated condition. The total mintage was 7.131.765.000. 

 1994S Wide AM Penny 

The pennies with an S mint mark were produced in San Francisco. The total production was less than the 1994D penny. It was only 3.269.923. 

These pennies were not intended to be in circulation. It was worth $3 - $5. The most valuable 1994S Penny was sold for $1.955 in 2002. 

Then what do you think about the 1974 Canadian penny? This was a rare Canadian pennyworth if probably you have it in your pocket or your piggy safety box. It might reach the value of a million. 

The rarest pennies of the varieties are the 1992D Close AM and 1992 Close AM. The 1992 Close did not have a mint mark which meant it was minted in Philadelphia. 

While 1992D Close AM was minted in Denver. 1992D Close AM recently reached $3,550. 

The next rarest are 1998S Close AM and 1999S Close AM. Both penny varieties were minted in San Francisco. The 1998S was sold in the $300 range and the 1999S around the $100 range. 

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