The Kissing Lincoln Penny: Value, History, and Worth

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Kissing Lincoln Penny – A rare penny called the “Kissing Lincoln Coin,” or the “Inverted Double-Struck Penny,” was made. It was one of the rarest coins ever made. There were only a few of them because they were made by mistake in December 1917. There was a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the other side of the coin, but it was the same picture. 

People thought they were kissing each other because this made it look like they were. Because of a mistake at the US Mint, the “Kissing Lincoln” penny was made. 
This caused two Lincoln faces to face each other, making them look like they were kissing. This is how the “real” penny looked when Photoshop was used: There is actual news about the Lincoln penny, though, so don’t worry. This year, the penny will look different. Here we will see kissing lincoln penny value and its history. 
Kissing Lincoln Penny


Homer and Bart were the last people to get coins in a book about them. This was their last one. They tried to buy it at auction, but they lost to Mr. Burns, so they didn’t buy it in the first place, either. 
For not giving them all five cents, they asked for nickel change. People were happy to get a nickel as a change from him. He was glad that he had conned them. For some reason, the 1943 copper-alloy Lincoln penny is thought to be the most valuable penny because it’s so unknown.

Kissing Lincoln Penny Worth

“How much is the kissing lincoln penny worth” this is the most important question linked with this coin. In the year it was made, the melt value of the coin changes depending on the type of alloy used when it was made. 
It used to be that most pennies were made of 97% zinc or plated with 5 grams of copper. This is still the case. Some coins are made with up to 5% tin. This would make them melt, worth about $20USD per penny.
The value of some small copper pieces can be high. When it comes to the world’s rarest coins, the value is close to $2 million. 
Value is based on how rare the penny is. Another thing to think about is the look of the coins. It makes coins that haven’t been used for a long time more valuable because they still have their original colors and fine details, making them more useful. 
Some coins have a lot more value because they were made by mistake, like the 1943 Lincoln pennies made with bronze instead of steel.
Finally, demand is the thing that drives value the most. First, most people start with a Lincoln penny. Most of them threw the coins away. 
You can only get the coins you want if you buy them from a coin dealer or at an auction. Most coin collectors have a soft spot for pennies. A high-quality penny can go for a lot of money because most of them like them.

What Exactly Is The Lincoln Penny Coin?

Some people still thinks that is the kissing lincoln penny real or not? This one-cent coin was made by the US Mint. 
Since 1909, it has been made by Victor David Brenner. It is now in its 18th design since it was first made in 1909. There’s a picture of Abraham Lincoln on this side of the penny, facing right. 
It shows Lincoln’s home in Pennsylvania on the other side or tails of the coin. It looked on the back of the original Wheat back Lincoln penny from 1909. It had a picture of the Lincoln Memorial. It changed in 1959.
There were four different designs for the back of the Lincoln Penny in 2009. The U.S. Mint came out with them in 2009. (The Lincoln Memorial). They put the new design on that side of the coin in 1936. There was a law that didn’t allow them to be made until 1959. We use coins today that were made in 1909.
Why Is The 1944 Penny Rare?
People who collect coins think that the 1944 Lincoln penny is worth a lot because of its unique design, but also because it’s so hard to get your hands on. It’s going up in value because there aren’t any more 1944 Lincolns being made. 
There aren’t many of them, so the value is going up. The 1943-D Lincoln Bronze Cent was made by the U.S. Mint for the U.S. government. Many of these coins have been used. 
Good chance they didn’t get help from a lousy mint worker. This one from the Denver Mint is the rarest of these coins. It is the most valuable Lincoln penny in the whole world regarding money value.
The 1914-S Lincoln Penny Is the Most Valuable Coin in The World
It turns out that the 1914-S Lincoln cent isn’t even that rare. So that’s why there were more than 4 million of them made at the San Francisco mint. People like this coin because it’s still in good shape even though it has been around for more than 100 years. There isn’t a big mark on the coin’s surface, and it still looks and feels like copper.
Someone in San Francisco must have put this coin away before it got dirty and worn on the streets. Keep the coin in the right place so it doesn’t lose its color. It’s very rare for coins to be this way, and they’re real treasures to look at and enjoy.
Bottom Line
They like the 1873 Indian Head cent because it’s cheap and easy to find. What a Lincoln penny is worth can change depending on many different things, like how old it is and what other coins are out there. If a coin is rare because it was made in small batches or lost or thrown away over time, there are fewer of them left today. People who work at a pawn shop might buy it based on how well it looks. Many people will take your hands for about 75 cents if it is not too bad. They’ll cut you off a piece and give you a few cents if you’re hurt.

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