What is 1976 Penny With Liberty Bell Worth?

1976 penny with Liberty bell is worth a good chunk of money. The 1976 penny with Liberty Bell worth money if it's in good condition. These coins were minted to remember the Stamp Tax Act from 1776. The liberty bell was rung on this occasion, for it is engraved on the coin. The Stamp Tax Act imposed a tax on the newspaper and other legal documents, and it was levied on colonists to suppress them.

The tax act ended in 1776 that is remembered by the 1976 coin. The 1976 penny with Liberty bell and U.S. value is high because it is a commemorative coin. The U.S. mint minted it to remember the Stamp Act Tax. 

The liberty bell symbolizes the liberty U.S. people received from the British. 

The penny has a Liberty Bell and a USA map stamped on it. The coins are magnificent and close to the hearts of the people of the United States. The value of the coins is further discussed in the article.

1976 Penny Size and Shape

The 1976 penny has a portrait of Abraham Lincoln facing right on the front side. We have USA and USA maps stamped over the issue date on the right side. 

The issue date and min mark are also on the right side of Lincoln. On the left, you can observe the Liberty bell stamped and Below the bell is the word "Liberty" written in Bold capital letter. At the top, in curve shape, the phrase "In God We Trust" is written in capital letters.

On the reverse side of the coin, one can observe the country's name on the top and the face value of the currency on the bottom. The text is engraved in a curve shape. 

The name and the face value are written in bold letters. "E Pluribus Unum" is written below the name of the country. Lincoln memorial is observed in the center of the coin.

1976 Penny With Liberty Bell Worth

1976 d penny with liberty bell and the USA stamped on its value is much higher than the face value one cent. The coin has a diameter of 19 mm, and the thickness is around 1.30mm. The coin is just 3.11 grams and is made out of Bronze. 

The coin has reversed alignment, and the graphics are Milled on the coins. Frank Gasparro and Victor David Brenner are the engravers of this coin.

Liberty Bell

The Statehouse bell, better known as the Liberty Bell, symbolizes liberty in the USA. The Liberty Bell was made in 1753, and the bell is hanging at the independence hall. Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of liberty. It was rung on some special occasions like the Stamp Act Tax

The 1976 penny with Liberty USA stamped remember the Stamp Act Tax and the bell ringing on that occasion. 

Liberty Bell is a symbol of peace and liberty in the USA and has immense value in people's hearts.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. He came into power when America was going through a crisis. He was the one person who led the nation through civil war. Abraham Lincoln was successful in uniting the states and making America great. 

He was also responsible for eradicating slavery in America. He was a great leader and prominent supporter of human rights.

Abraham Lincoln did good service to the country. He was born in 1809 and died in 1965. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because people were afraid of his efforts for the United States of America. 

1976 Penny With Liberty Bell and U.S Value

The country remembers him, and his portrait is stamped on U.S. cents. 1976 penny with Liberty bell and USA map also has his picture. He was a great hero for the people of the United States of America.

1976 Penny Worth

1976 penny with liberty bell and the USA stamped on it worth a good chunk of money. The coins were minted only in Denver. The 1976 liberty coin is expensive in its mint condition. 

The coins were minted in little quantities there their worth is high. The coins were minted in only one place; therefore, the mint mark doesn't play an essential role in deciding the coin's value. Only the condition of the coin is essential.

1. Good & Very Good

It is a commemorative coin, so the worth increases even if it is not in good condition. The coin is made of Bronze, and the value of Bronze is higher than the face value of the coin. 

Good condition means when the coin has good signs of wear. A 1976 penny with liberty USA stamped in good or excellent condition is worth 0.1 dollars.

2. Fine & Very Fine

Coins in excellent condition have suffered wear, but the wear is moderate, and the high points on the coin are moderately sharp. 

These coins are valuable and especially when they are rare. The 1976 penny with liberty bell and USA map is worth 2 to 5 dollars in this condition.

3. Almost uncirculated

A.U. coins are in good condition. They look uncirculated to a new person, but experts know when a coin is circulated. The coin has a sharp feature except for slight minor wear on the highest parts. 

Coins in this condition are worth a lot. 1976 d marked liberty penny is worth 10 dollars in this condition. In some scenarios, it can sell for a higher price.

4. Uncirculated

Uncirculated coins are those coins that haven't seen the light of day. These coins are directly taken from mint and kept in a box. 

These coins don't have any marks or wear on them. A sharp feature is visible on the coin. Coins in this condition are rare. 1976 d Penny With liberty bell and use stamped on its value in this condition will be very high. Approximately the coin could sell for 50 to 100 dollars.

5. Proof

Proof coins are specially made for safekeeping purposes. These coins are scarce, and their price is very high. Such coins have a mirror-like finish and are not readily available. 

These unique coins are minted in little quantity, increasing their value from the start. A 1976 liberty proof is not available anywhere, so estimating its price is difficult. A 1976 Penny With Liberty Bell and U.S. Value in proof condition will be very high.

Mint Marks on Penny

1976 Penny With liberty USA stamped has mint mark just below the mintage date. The coin is specially designed and minted on a single mint. 

The coin is rare and cannot be found easily. The 1976 U.S. map penny has mintmark D on it. The D represents the Denver mint. The Denver Mint has significance in the American coinage.

Why Does Penny Material Change?

Pennies were traditionally made with copper, but the U.S. min changed the material for making pennies with time. The main reason for this is the increasing cost of copper. 

Copper is more expensive than all other materials used to make coins. Copper is expensive, and making coins with copper costs a lot. Governments used to prefer copper over other materials because coppers last long. It has a higher melting pound and doesn't oxidize.

Pennies from the start were being made out of copper. Now the material is changed. 1976 penny with Liberty bell and USA map is made out of Bronze. 

Some coins are made out of Bronze before the introduction of Zinc. Zinc is the most used material in U.S. cents right now. 

USA cents are mostly made out of Zinc and then coated with copper. U.S. mint coats them with copper because this way, they last longer than they ever could with Zinc.

Copper is expensive; that is why the government thought of shifting from copper to other materials. Copper penny material value is three times the face value of this coin. 

This is the reason why the government thought to experiment. A bronze coin like a 1976 penny is one of those experiments. 1976 penny with liberty bell and the USA stamped on it value more than its face value because Bronze is also getting expensive now. 

So, Zinc is the best material to make coins from because it's light and doesn't cost much. So, therefore the U.S. government is now using other materials and not using copper to make pennies.

Is it legal to Melt The Penny?

The answer to this question is a mix because you can melt a penny in some instances, but in others, you can't. Copper cents were being melted in the past to take copper from them. The copper of the coins was more expensive than their face value. 

The United States government bans such acts. Melting pennies is illegal if it is done to get copper from them. Selling copper from pennies is illegal and can result in jail time.

Melting pennies for experiments or other reasons is legal. A person can melt a penny to check out its material. You also have the liberty to melt pennies for the experiment's sake. Not like the U.K., where melting the penny for any reason is considered a punishable crime. 

The USA gives its people the liberty to melt pennies for fun or experiments. Internet is loaded with people who are seen melting pennies for experiments.

So, melting pennies on a big scale for just their material and then selling it is illegal. Government has a law against it that forbids you to do such acts. Apart from that, there is no restriction on melting pennies. You can even melt commemorative pennies like the 1976 penny with Liberty USA stamped.

Most Expensive Penny

A coin with a face value of 0.01 dollars was sold in New Jersey for 1.2 million dollars. Yes, that's right, you are not reading this wrong. A penny was sold at an auction for more than a million dollars. 

The penny was a 1943 copper penny. Copper did not make pennies in 1943, but some were minted by the copper left from 1942 coins. A 1943 penny made with copper is worth a lot of money for its rarity.

Before that, a copper 1943 penny was sold for eighty thousand dollars in 1996. The 1943 pennies are very expensive because they are made of rare metal not found in other pennies of that time. If you have a 1942 penny, you can become a millionaire just like that.

Reasons for Expensive coins

Coins are not expensive when minted, but the latter scenario makes them expensive. A coin at the time of mintage is worth the face value of the coin. 

Later, the rarity, condition, and the time it was minted increased the coin price. Some coins are minted as memorials for some special occasions. Such coins have particular value as they are minted in little quantity.

1976 Penny With liberty bell and the USA stamped on its worth good money because it is a commemorative coin and is rare too. The coin is not found quickly, especially in good condition. A proof coin will be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The coin is so expensive because it is a commemorative and old coin.

Old coins are costly coins from ancient empires of the world sold for thousands of dollars. Some coins are even worth millions of dollars. 

Coins from 1000- and 2000-years old lie in this category. They are from ancient civilizations that are not readily available. Prices of such coins are very high, and collectors pay you a lot of money to buy those coins.

Like this 1976 penny, if a coin is rare, its price also increases. Some pennies are super rare and sell for thousands of dollars, like the 1933 British penny, only 6 in the world. Those pennies sell for a lot of money due to their rarity.


This article was about the 1976 penny. 1976 penny with liberty bell worth some good money if you can find it in mint condition. The coins were minted in Denver, and only a few coins were minted with Liberty bell and USA map on them. It was to remember the Stamp Act Tax.

The article also tells you about the world's most expensive penny sold for more than a million dollars. We also have information about the coins and why they are so expensive. The article also tells you about the American law regarding the melting of coins. So, this article was about 1976 Penny With liberty bell and USA map value and we hope you found what you were looking for.

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