1988 D Wide Am Penny Value

Lately, many people, especially collectors, have found an easy way to find a penny that has a date value or collectible quality. You can get it from online auction sites or direct auctions and get it from collectors or collectors directly. For example, to get the 1988 wide am penny, you can look it up on eBay. 

Finding valuable coins that you can collect on eBay is a great resource but you should also be very careful about the authenticity of the coins. In general, when someone purchases a coin of dated value or collectible quality, the coin must be completely wrapped in a plastic sheet that has been prepared by one of the parties performing the third-party grading and authentication service.

The next thing you should consider before deciding what to collect is what makes Lincoln Cents so interesting to collect and why these pennies have value and quality to collect. 

One of the things that make Lincoln Cents so interesting to collect is the large variety of coins you can collect, for example, the 1988 d wide am penny. Then, other reasons like normal business expectations with lots of variety and mint marks. Apart from that, there is also a coin proof and a special mint strike.

In many cases, some people initially only focus on business strikes when they see a penny that has value and quality to be collectible, most of them just collect the collection without paying attention to mintmark style or variations. 

Once they become interested in and understand the value of a collectible penny, they only begin to add one point of assessment for each of the various mintmark styles in penny types that have more than one style of a particular mint. 

This is actually a bit difficult to do because nowadays collecting pennies is not a popular habit for most people and it is rare for pennies to be able to be identified by the average person which penny has a particular mintmark style.

1988 D Wide Am Penny Value

You also have to be careful and have high accuracy when checking the offer images posted in online forums to be able to determine which coin has a high value to collect. Often found penny pictures that do not match the actual goods offered or not enough detail when describing the penny being sold.

Tips for Identifying Collectible Penny

Even if these collectible pennies are worth hundreds or even thousands, you need to make sure they have value. 

If you're sifting through collectible pennies, consider a few tips to help you find the value of an old coin:

- Make sure old coins are in very good condition
If you find an old coin that is decades old but still looks like new, you should take it. Logically, an old coin exhibits wear and tear due to circulation, so when you find a coin that is in good condition, it will have more value. 

Some pennies have collectible value and quality because they have rarity, for example, the 1988 d wide am penny which includes a rare old penny. Especially if the condition is still very good.

- Check for errors
In judging whether an old coin has a high value, sometimes something wrong can make your old coin increase in value. Try checking your coins if there may be minor errors that will make your coins increase in value. 

For example, 1988 d penny wide am value which will be worth up to thousands when it has an error.

- Pay attention to old coins which are included in the rare category
Each year, the US Mint issues a penny, but there are years when the amount spent is small. Take a look at years with low production numbers such as 1955-S, 1939-D, 1933-D, and 1931-S. The number of coins issued at that low amount made it rare. Rarer old coins have more value.

- Look for coins that have copper material
Old coins produced before 1982 were 95% copper, which gave them an inherent metallic value. That way, the value of the coin has a more valuable value.

How Much Are These Pennies?

In the past, when it was still in circulation, the penny only had a value according to the stated value. However, as time goes on and the penny ages, it can be worth even thousands of dollars. However, you need to know which old coins to look out for when you want to sort out pennies that have value. 

If you have one of these rare old coins, you can collect it or sell it for a value that you can calculate based on aspects of valuation.

1988 Wide Am Penny Worth

How much is 1988 wide am penny worth? 1988 wide am Lincoln penny has a rarer value than other pennies. It currently has a value of even more than $100.00 in AU conditions. At MSRB even they can easily earn around $180.00 and are authenticated. Some examples at MSRD have even been auctioned for a deal price of $350.00 and $420.00 certified by PCGS.

Many people also ask how much is a 1988 d wide am penny worth? According to multiple sources, the 1988 d wide am penny was even more of a rarity and was auctioned for up to $550. 

Several types of penny and year are known to indicate the position of the letters "A" and "M" from "AMERICAN" minted farther apart in distance from one another. 

These Wide AM minted cent coins are coins that have a value of up to $400 each.

Then, there is another type of penny coin issued in 1988, namely the 1988 penny no mint mark wide am which is also sought after by collectors. Most 1988 pennies at the time of circulation only had a value of $0.01. However, the penny can be sold at a premium value and price when the penny is no longer in circulation. According to some experience, a 1988 penny with no mint marks was valued at around $0.30 in an uncirculated condition with MS 65 grade.

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