How Much is a 1912 Australian Penny Worth Now?

1912 Australian Penny Value - There are still many people who keep ancient coins to this day. Many even keep coins that are hundreds of years old and want to sell them to coin collectors at high prices.

One of the rare coins that are now sought after by collectors is the 1912 Australian Penny. To determine how much is a 1912 Australian penny worth there are several conditions that you must understand.

This hundred-year-old coin managed to survive to this day and is included in the rare coins. Not because of any errors during the minting of the coins, but because these coins were only minted in relatively small quantities.

This is what makes many collectors are still looking for where the 1912 penny is and buy it at the highest price. For those of you who are curious about how much a penny will get, read this article to the end.

1912 Australian Penny

The penny coin is made with the same composition as the UK penny. Although the initial design of this coin only featured text, since 1938 all designs have changed and feature the kangaroo as an iconic animal from Australia.

The 1912 Australian penny was no exception, which was circulated for 54 years. This coin has been withdrawn since 1966 but is still considered a legal tender.

1912 australian penny value

This 1912 one penny Australian value can be determined from the condition of the coins you have. Just like the article we discussed earlier 1943, 1944, and 1963 penny Australian value, these coins were minted only in very small numbers and made rare.

Crafted of bronze, this coin features King George V crowned and facing left. This design was created by Bertram Mackennal.

King George V is shown wearing an imperial crown and wearing a state robe. While the reverse design was made by Blakemore by displaying the words "ONE PENNY".

Around the circle, this coin reads "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" and has a minting date of 1912. In addition, this coin has a mint mark H which indicates the place where this coin was struck, namely Heaton & Sons.

To calculate how much is a 1912 Australian penny worth of course you have to consider various factors ranging from the luster of the coin, the surface of the coin, damage, scratches, and missing parts of the coin.

This 1912 Australian penny was minted in just 3,600,000 copies at the Birmingham Mint or Heaton & Sons. This coin has a mint mark in the form of the letter H next to the year of manufacture.

This is a very small amount compared to other commonly used Australian penny coins. Even though they were printed in small quantities, many people still keep them now and hope to get a high price.

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To determine the 1912 Australian penny value, of course, it must be seen from the condition of the coin. Because this coin is quite rare and not many people have it.

Although printed in small quantities, many people prefer to keep them rather than use them as a means of payment.

To calculate how much is a 1912 Australian penny worth, you need to consider many things. Apart from being minted in small numbers, you also need to have coins in good condition.

This coin does not mean to be uncirculated, but this coin is still in circulation and becomes a legal tender. Not many people have it and tend to keep it as a treasure.

As we know, determining a value can be considered from the conditions of circulated and uncirculated coins. 

Circulated coins mean coins that have changed hands and are most likely worn out, have missing, damaged parts or the surface of the coin is not shiny with age.

Meanwhile, uncirculated coins mean coins that have been circulated but are kept in good condition and there is minimal movement of hands. Usually, these coins are kept from the start of a collection.

So two things can determine how much is a 1912 penny value. If you are one of those who keep this 1912 coin, then here is the approximate price you can get:

• 1912 Australian Penny Circulated

This 1912-H penny was circulated and found in a variety of conditions over time. Such as damage, scratches, missing coin details, and so on.

Prices start at $1.90 in the F-12, $6.10 in the VF-20, $22.0 in the EF-40, and as high as $76.00 in the AU-50.

• 1912 Australian Penny Uncirculated

As for uncirculated coins, of course, they have a much higher value, moreover, these are included in rare coins. Then how much is a 1912 Australian penny worth in an uncirculated condition?

The value you can get is $276 in MS-60 conditions, $567 in MS-62 conditions, $710 in MS_63 conditions, $975 in MS-64 conditions, $1,590 in MS-65 conditions and the highest price is $2,760 in MS-66 conditions.

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